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Oh my! Don’t I have a huge wishlist! (I left out a few masks lol)… Most are skincare, I’m a skincare junkie!

I like reading blog posts about wishlists because I am able to learn about new products and brands I’ve never tried. Today I have for you what are the products in my wishlist. For me a wishlist is composed of products and items that you would want to own but are not able to, in my case due to financial limitations 😭😂. I always splurge here and there but I’ve been a good girl lately ☺️.

1. Earthbody Brighten Cleanser and Mask

I’ve had this in my wishlist for about a year now, well actually whenever we got a deluxe sample in our Petit Vour Box. I used it only as a mask and I didn’t Follow the instructions haha but it still did an amazing job. This mask makes a noticeable difference in your skin appearance and I am not even kidding when I say it makes your skin look brighter. I need the full size of this mask in my life!

2. Salís Skincare Salt Scrub in Lavender & Jasmine or Sandalwood

I know I received a sample of this scrub in one of my subscription boxes but I am not quite sure in which one it was and then I lost it 😔. I used it once and felt my skin noticeably softer. Now to be honest I totally forgot about this scrub until I saw a post from Daniel of Cruelty Free Vegan Beauty (she is adorable check her Youtube Channel out) and I was like heeeeeyyyyy I need this ASAP! With  essential oils of Jasmine and Lavender this scrub is said to promote healing of acne and promote skin regenaration giving the skin a youthful glow. I love me some glow! 

3. Odacité Moringa and Petitgrain Booster

To be honest I haven’t tried any of Odacité’s products but Ive heard so much about the boosters that I just want to try them all. Primarily I want to try the Moringa and Petitgrain because I’ve tried Moringa Oil from Moringa Connect and it’s been amazing to my skin. This booster is aimed for very dry skin and it states that it provides healing and soothing to extremely dry skin. I have my eyes in a few of their products but I need to control myself… Ahem! Yup! Control Shirley!

4. May Lindstrom’s The Honey Mud

May Lindstrom’s products have always been in my wishlist. The one that I am still missing is the Honey Mud. Not only does it have honey, but the clays in it help to clean and promote a healthy glow. I’ve heard that mixing the Honey mud with the Problem Solver makes the best mask eva’! So I HAVE to try that mix. My only stop sign is the price 😥, hehe I need to save money.

5. Mahalo Skincare Pele Mask and Vitality Elixir

I might as well say I want the three products (lol), but no really the one I really, really want is the Pele Mask. With ingredients like clays, papaya, hibiscus, cacao, among others, I know my skin will love it and thank me for it. The other thing that catched my eye is that this brand is from Hawaii and all products are made in Hawaii. I am a Hawaii lover.

6. Nūdus Australia Lipstick in 27 Kisses

Ok, now this one is mainly because I love nude lipsticks (like I don’t have enough). I’ve heard so much about Nūdus that I just had to add it to my list. It is made out of certified organic ingredients and ot states that ot leaves your lips hydrated and soft (I love me some hydrated lips). Disclaimer: it does contain an animal derived ingredient. This can be found in the US at BeauTeaBar

7. Aila Cosmetics Top Coat Better than Gel

I’ve always had an issue with my nail polish (any nail polish – 5 free or not) chipping on me. I’ve tried numerous nasty (not 5 free lol) top coats and non have worked. As soon as I heard about Better than Gel I said: “I need that in my life A.S.A.P! It states that it os the “liquid gold” of the nail care arsenal and that it provides a gel like finish. I love me some Gel nails. Who wouldn’t want this in their wishlist? These can also be found at BeauTeaBar.

Hope you liked my wishlist! Let me know what is on your wishlist so I can add more products to mine haha.

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