October and November Favorites

It’s been pretty crazy in my life lately and it has been a bit difficult to post not only here but also on Youtube, please excuse me for that.

I normally do Favorites on my Youtube Channel (which you should subscribe to if you haven’t ha!) but this time I wanted to do a blog post instead. I wanted to let you know what are some of the things I have been loving these past two months and how I have been using them in my favor for this horrible cold weather, >>> I cry as I write (I hate the cold).

Leahlani Skincare Mermaid Mask


First up is the lovely Mermaid Mask from Leahlani Skincare. I have been using this for the past 2 to 3 months now. I use this when my skin is feeling extra special (breaking out, OF COURSE!). I’ve found that the Hawaiian Raw Honey, Spirulina and essential oils in this mask help my skin calm down and heal my breakouts quicker. The scent of this mask transports you a little bit closer to Hawaii, if your like me that I am a Hawaiian girl on the inside :). I am in love with it!

Gabriel Cosmetics Liquid Radiance in Liquid Gold

Next up is Gabriel Cosmetics Liquid Radiance in Liquid Gold (I think thats the name haha, lazy me doesn’t want to google :p). I LOOOVEEEEE this highlighter. If you are into highlighters as I am, this is just the perfect gold highlighter. I think this is perfect for the winter months as it gives you a glow that we usually don’t have due to the dry weather. It’s a liquid consistency, very easy to apply. You can use a stippling brush or your fingers.

Red Apple Lipstick in Audrey

Red Apple Lipstick has always been on my wish list but it was a little more on the expensive side for me. I had the privilege to review some of their products (you can see my review here) and I chose to review the Audrey color because I had heard so many rave’s about it. And let me tell you the rave’s are OH SO TRUE! This lipstick has such a smooth texture, glides on heavenly and provides perfect amount of moisture. The shade is a gorgeous shade for any skin tone. I have been using this lipstick a LOT!!! It’s just the perfect neutral lipstick with a touch of pink color.

Organic Bath Java Jolt Scrub

Now let’s talk about some body care. The cold and dry weather calls for some heavy moisturizing and scrubbing. Scrubbing helps to remove dead skin cells and keeps skin looking radiant. I have been using Organic Bath’s Java Jolt scrub*. This scrubs allows my skin to get a good scrub and moisture at the same time. It’s made with organic ingredients and it’s made here in Boston (major BONUS!). Now the scent of this specific scrub is glorious! It smells exactly like coffee!!! Yum! I have been avoiding coffee for almost two months now so this helps to at least have the scent in my life! I am so interested in trying their NEW Spiced Cacao eeeeekkkkk, I’ll probably end up eating it haha.

Harvey Prince Eau de Creme

Finding a good perfume that is more natural has always been a huge struggle for me! Do you have the same issue?

I was able to find Harvey Prince’s Eau de Creme which has very good ingredients. The scent of this perfume is a sweet and light scent. It gives you a fresh feeling and everyone has always good things to say about the scent. This is a Mini Roller so you are able to carry this around in your purse and I’m sure it will last me a while. It is alcohol based so if you are allergic, sensitive or avoiding alcohol I would not suggest this for you.

Target Slouchy Beanie

Last but not least is my amazing Slouchy Beanie from Target. This is the most comfortable beanie I’ve been able to use in the past 3 years. It is just so cute and stylish. It comes in various colors and it provides excellent coverage and warmth to the head area. If you live in a state that gets as cold as here in MA this is an awesome add on to your accessories.

I hope you enjoyed my favorites! Let me know what are your favorites for this month.

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*Products sent for consideration and review but my opinions are mine, and only mine.

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15 thoughts on “October and November Favorites

  1. That mermaid mask looks heavenly!
    Perfume was one of the hardest things for me to give up. I’ve only found one essential oil to use as a replacement so far. Don’t think it lasts too long though.
    I’m a lipstick lover and have heard lots about the red apple lipstick but haven’t got my hands on one yet… Just ordered my first ilia though!


  2. That mermaid mask looks heavenly!
    I’ve struggled to give up my perfumes. Finding a replacement is hard!
    I’m definitely a lipstick lover. I’ve heard lots about Red Apple Lipsticks but haven’t gotten my hands on one yet. Just ordered my first Ilia though! Yay!

    Love the post.

    North of Bloom x


  3. Isn’t non-toxic beauty wonderful? Your products look and sound great. I’m not one to go out and purchase a lot of natural beauty products though. They’re so expensive. I prefer to make everything I like to use at home. It’s so much more cost effective, and just as effective as store bought bath and body care items. Plus I feel completely empowered making my own natural beauty items. πŸ™‚


  4. Hello! Great post! On the perfume front, I highly recommend Pacifica’s solids. I rave and rave about the Island Vanilla scent, and it’s only $9.00. I have the R.Apple lipstick in Audrey also, and it’s funny because it looks more shimmery in your pic. Mine has no shimmer…I like it, but not as much as ‘Love My Kiss.’ I think it’s because my lips are very pigmented so it doesn’t show up that much…I also really love “Boys ‘N Berries.’


    1. It probably looks like it has shimmer do to lighting πŸ˜‰. I haven’t tried Boys and Berries and got Love my Kiss for my sister in Law, hope she likes it haha. Ive tried some of the Pacifica Spray Perfumes and looooveee them. Never tried the solid ones though. Ill have to check those out.


  5. Great post Shirley! I really think I’m going to get that Mermaid mask! I’ve been looking at it for months and I’m just too curious at this point. πŸ™‚ I did get my hand on four RAL colors and the Rallye Balm.

    Liked by 1 person

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